7 Tips for Choosing a Pediatric Dentist For Your Child This Christmas

7 Tips for Choosing a Pediatric Dentist For Your Child This Christmas

Dec 01, 2020

Typically, you are supposed to take your child to the dentist before she’s one year old. However, that does not mean you should taking care of your kid’s oral health after she’s 12 months. You should start as early as a month. Clean your kid’s gums after feeding her with a clean, soft piece of cloth. Then, after her first tooth erupts, take her to a pediatric dentist in Houston.

But how do you choose the right dentist for the job? In this blog, we will discuss seven tips for choosing a children’s dentist. Hopefully, the information will help you choose the most suitable dentist for your child.


Typically, the first thing you should do is get recommendations from your family and friends. Ask them of several dental clinics and start evaluating them. Once you have several clinics, starting dropping the clinics one by one until you get the most appropriate for your kid. Here are the criteria to use to choose the best one.


Typically, every serious dental clinic has a website. Visit the website of every recommended clinic to get a picture of what they have to offer. Also, visit the reviews section and see what other patients have to say about the clinic.

It will be very helpful if you call the clinic and ask them several questions about their services. Ask about their training, location, environment, and experience of the dentist. The answers should help you choose the right children’s dentist in South Houston, TX.


Typically, a children’s dentist should have extra training after completing their 4-year college degree. In most cases, a pediatric dentist spends two to three more years in college training on the best ways to handle children and treat common dental issues affecting children.

Due to this training, pediatric dentists often handle children better than general dentists. Therefore, consider choosing a dentist with more training over a general dentist who deals with people of all ages.


As a busy parent, it is important to choose a dental clinic that is as accessible. If possible, choose a clinic that is not too far from your neighborhood. That way, it will always be easy to get to your dentist, even during emergencies.

Longer distances often increase the child’s anxiety when she’s old enough to understand things. Moreover, a shorter distance will save you both time and money you would have used to travel.

Dental Clinic Environment

The clinic’s environment needs to be as kid-friendly as possible. A child needs to feel at home in a dental clinic. Your child should be met with a bright environment full of kid-friendly items and colors. A kid-friendly environment will bring a friendly tone for your child, making her want to see the dentist without needing much convincing. The staff should use polite language and explain everything the child wants to understand.

The dentist should explain to your child what he’s going to do and show her what he will do before doing it to perfection. That way, the dentist and your kid will build trust. Trust is very important during your child’s oral journey.

Dentist’s Experience

There is nothing wrong with trusting a recently graduated pediatric dentist. After all, she has received all the necessary training, and she will get the job done. However, choosing an experienced dentist is always the best bet. At least you can use the dentist’s track record to determine if she will be great for your kid.

Schedule a Meet

The only way you can be sure if the pediatric dentist is right for your child is through a meet. During this meeting, observe how the dentist and the staff interact with your child and if you are impressed, go for it. If you feel uncomfortable, you can always try another clinic. In short,trust your instincts about the clinic.

EZ Dental Clinic

If you are looking for a children’s dentist in Houston, you are in the right place. With years of experience and a kid-friendly environment, you can be assured your child will receive high-quality services. We are welcoming new patients, and we are ready to help your child grow cavity-free and achieve the best version of her smile. Book an appointment today.

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