All-on-X Implants Is a Procedure That Will Place All Implants in a Single Surgery

All-on-X Implants Is a Procedure That Will Place All Implants in a Single Surgery

Feb 01, 2020

Are you wondering whether you can get permanent replacements for all the teeth you have lost from your mouth? You may have considered options like dentures and even dental implants but may have found them unsuitable for your needs. Fortunately, an option is indeed available for you in the form of all-on-X implants that requires just 6 implants in either upper or lower jaw and also prevents the need for additional procedures of bone grafting. This technique can provide you with a full set of temporary teeth immediately after the initial procedure.

All-on-X implants function as permanently fixed replacements for all your teeth by achieving unprecedented results by minimizing the number of implants and the surgical procedures to make it an appealing and a cost-effective solution for permanently replacing an entire set of teeth. After the healing of the surgical process when the all-on-X implants would have integrated with your jawbone the temporary bridge placed immediately after the surgery is replaced by a final bridge that is customized.

Are All-on-X Implants Better Than Conventional Implants?

It wouldn’t be right to state that these implants are better than the conventional variety. They are just a convenient and cost-effective method of having a set of implants in your upper or lower jaw to manage all the teeth in your mouth which is not a possibility with regular dental implants.

If you consider having conventional dental implants to replace all the missing teeth in your mouth you will be required to make a significant investment in the implants and perhaps undergo multiple surgeries for the implants to be inserted. You must also be prepared to wait for the healing time to be completed before you can get any replacement teeth in your mouth. This period could be anywhere between 3 to 6 months depending on your general health condition and the number of implants you have had inserted in your mouth.

How Are All on X Implants Different?

The Dentist in South Houston, TX, states that all-on-X implants are offering a minimally invasive and a faster way to restore a full set of teeth on the upper or the lower jaw than the treatment with conventional dental implants. This technique requires just six implants per jaw for a full set of completely functional teeth. The need for preliminary bone grafting is eliminated with this technique. A temporary set of teeth can in most cases be placed right away when you decide to utilize the all-on-X technique with the permanent set following just a few months later when the implants have fully integrated with the jawbone.

You may consider a conventional set of removable dentures as a replacement for your missing teeth knowing full well that you will be required to face certain difficulties like the dentures slipping or popping out of your mouth. You will also be required to take the dentures for adjustments and fittings regularly and will have to replace them after 5 to 6 years. You will have a set of teeth in your mouth which will not inspire confidence in you like having your natural teeth.

When you decide to use the high-tech alternative to traditional dentures in the form of the all-on-X dental implants you are investing in a set of completely secure and stable teeth in your upper or lower jaw with the help of just six strategically placed and specialized dental implants. These implants can restore your confidence in having your natural teeth and improve your quality-of-life because they can help you to speak and eat conveniently.

Caring for All-on-X Dental Implants

Caring for these dental implants is as easy as caring for your natural teeth. You can follow the dental hygiene practices you are accustomed to before losing your natural teeth. You just need to ensure you visit the dentist that provided you the all-on-X implants in South Houston, TX, for regular cleanings and checkups to ensure the buildup of plaque is minimized or eliminated altogether.

Dentistry is evolving regularly and keeping abreast of the latest techniques that are being introduced can help you to get the best treatments for your missing teeth. If you are still in the process of deciding whether all-on-X implants are suitable for you or not we suggest you schedule an appointment with the dentist in South Houston, TX, for advice.

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