Do Not Overlook Dentures If You Have Missing Teeth in Your Mouth

Do Not Overlook Dentures If You Have Missing Teeth in Your Mouth

Jun 19, 2020

Do you have one or more missing teeth in your mouth and are experiencing different types of problems? You may have become less confident with your smile and also have difficulties when speaking. You may consider modern-day solutions like dental implants or bridges instead of the ancestral dentures that you believe may not be suitable for you. However, it is suggested that you consider your options carefully because dentures can provide you everything that you may have lost with the missing teeth.

What Kind of Dentures Can You Consider?

Depending on the number of teeth you have lost you can either consider complete dentures that are made from a plastic base colored to replicate the color of the gums and support an entire set of porcelain or plastic teeth. Complete dentures are held in the mouth by forming a seal with the gums. They can also be attached to dental implants that will be surgically placed in the jawbone. However, this solution is expensive than a conventional complete denture.

When you discuss the option of having teeth replacements with dentures near you or EZ Dental Clinic for just a few missing teeth you may be offered partial dentures that will be developed with a plastic base or a metal framework. They are held in your mouth by clasps and rests that are adapted carefully around your natural teeth. These options can be used as temporary replacements for missing teeth to allow the gums and bone to heal before a permanent replacement solution can be obtained. Advances in dentistry are however making available durable and flexible alternatives for certain situations.

What Are the Alternatives to Dentures?

When you have missing teeth in your mouth you have two alternatives besides dentures to close the gaps. You can have dental bridges made from different types of materials to have two or three teeth missing in a row according to the location. Bridges are considered a fixed permanent denture because they are bonded in place.

The other alternative available is dental implants where titanium posts are inserted into the jawbone where you have missing teeth. The titanium post is used for replacing a single tooth by attaching a crown. Multiple teeth can also be replaced by attaching a bridge to more than one implant inserted. This is the most expensive solution available to replace missing teeth but it is one of the best available because implants can stimulate the natural teeth better than other available options.

Will Dentures Affect Your Appearance and Functionality of the Mouth?

Your appearance will be enhanced by dentures and most people wouldn’t even detect you are wearing them. You will need some time to get accustomed to inserting and removing the dentures and may also experience some soreness in your gums, initially. This problem can easily be overcome by visiting the dentist in Sugar land who will adjust some parts of the denture.

The functionality of your mouth will also improve when you have dentures replacing your missing teeth. Here again, you must become accustomed to having the dentures when speaking and eating. However, if you have obtained the dentures from the best dentist in Houston you will receive advice on how to manage these artificial appliances as they become comfortable over time. Therefore, you can rest assured your appearance or the functionality of your mouth will not be affected.

How Are Dentures Made?

When you lose a tooth or have it extracted the socket of the tooth begins to fill in with bone and the healing of the gum tissue occurs as it changes shape. This process will require some months until the bone and gums achieve stability. In approximately 8 to 12 weeks after you lost your teeth or had them extracted a conventional denture will be made.

The process begins by taking a series of molds of the oral tissues that will be supporting the denture. A dental laboratory will be using the molds to make models of your mouth. The dental laboratory will be working with the dentist to slowly begin building the dentures with help from the models. The developed models will be transferred to your mouth at each stage to ensure the dentures are aesthetically pleasing and fit properly. You will need to visit the dentist for approximately 4 to 5 weeks until your dentures are developed.

If you are having your teeth extracted you can also consider immediate dentures that will ensure you have something to wear immediately after the extraction. This is a temporary appliance until the traditional denture can be made after the healing of the bone and gum is complete.

Dentures have been around for quite some time but have not lost any of their capabilities despite modern-day innovations proving themselves as worthy replacement solutions. You can certainly consider dental implants or bridges as teeth replacement solutions but if you are constrained for finances dentures are an option that you cannot overlook as teeth replacement solutions.

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