One of the biggest reasons patients avoid visiting the dentist regularly is the expense. Not everyone has dental insurance, and some people might have it but worry about what their plan covers. To ensure that each of our patients at EZ Dental Clinic can receive treatment and maintain optimal health and wellness, we list our financing and insurance information.


A provider offers insurance coverage. People pay the provider monthly payments, and in exchange, the company will cover all or part of the cost of various dental treatments. The insurance plan or coverage an individual has determines what procedures are covered by the provider.

At EZ Dental Clinic, we understand that finding a dental office with comprehensive acceptance of financing and insurance in Houston can be difficult, so we strive to accept as many plans and providers as possible. At present, we are currently accepting payments through:

  • Most PPOs
  • Medicaid
  • Adult Medicaid
  • Medicare
  • CHIP

Other Financing Options

We want everyone to receive the treatment they need and deserve, even if the patient does not have dental insurance. At present, we can accept payments through CareCredit® or ones made by the patient after they agree to an in-house payment plan.


CareCredit® is a specialized credit card that individuals can sign up for. The card allows users to pay for medical and dental expenses and then make installment payments over time for the treatment. Patients need to sign up for this system outside of the office and have a plan in place when scheduling treatment.

In-House Plans

If a patient does not have insurance and doesn’t want to sign up for CareCredit®, then we offer the opportunity for the patient to make a payment plan with our office. This plan needs to be created before treatment is given.

Other Information

Patients are asked to bring their insurance plan or card with them to their initial appointment at EZ Dental Clinic so that the information can be uploaded into our office’s records. This makes billing easy and ensures prompt treatment and care. Patients are responsible for understanding their plan coverage and for speaking with their provider.

Children’s Medicaid and CHIP

Adult Medicaid and Medicare

Dental Quest
United Healthcare
Liberty Dental
Texan Plus


United Concordia Dental
United Healthcare
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Deltta Dental
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