Dental Implants

Dental implants are a procedure many adults and elders require, especially if someone’s overall tooth health and hygiene have not been the best over the years. During this procedure, a damaged or decayed tooth that cannot be saved is extracted and replaced with a synthetic model that is installed directly through the gum and into the jawbone. It is designed to match preexisting teeth and is a comfortable way to resolve oral health issues while also creating a complete smile.

How It Works

Dental implants consist of a titanium root structure that is fitted into the jawbone while the patient is numbed through the use of local anesthetic. Patients will only feel slight pressure from the procedure and should not experience pain. The bone and gum form a bond with the synthetic root, helping it remain in place. Once this occurs, a fake tooth can be screwed into the root structure, forming a complete tooth that can be used for all regular activities.

The Benefits

Dental implants provide numerous benefits to their owners beyond forming a complete smile. The new tooth is firmly fixed into the mouth, ensuring it won’t fall out while eating, sleeping, or engaging in any form of strenuous physical activity. It can be used to chew on all types of food, including often prohibited hard candies or chewy gummies.

Implants are also easy to care for. Like regular teeth, they require regular brushing, flossing, and checkups to ensure overall health. The material doesn’t decay the same way as regular teeth and is quite durable. They don’t accumulate cavities, but they do need to be examined regularly to ensure the nearby gums are still healthy.

Finally, the implant can help prevent future health issues, especially related to the jawbone. The jaw needs to be continuously stimulated through basic activities. When someone is not chewing or speaking regularly, it starts to atrophy.

How to Get an Implant

If a dental implant is something you are interested in, or if you would just like a basic checkup to see the health of your teeth, feel free to make an appointment today here at EZ Dental.

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