Emergency Dentistry

Are you having dental pain? A broken tooth? What now? EZ Dental Clinic in Houston is available for emergency dentistry. We are ready to administer the emergency relief you need.

Some injuries need to be treated immediately, or they could progress to serious complications, but you need to know if an emergency room visit is warranted.

It may be possible that a minor break or chipped tooth can wait for a visit to your dentist during business hours. However, if the break is severe, has a large piece of the tooth missing, the tooth nerve is damaged, or the tooth is completely knocked out, you need immediate attention.

If a tooth is knocked out completely, handle it as little as possible. If the tooth will fit back into the empty socket, replace it and insert a wet tea bag or moist gauze to bite down on gently. Use tremendous caution not to swallow the tooth. If putting the tooth back in the socket is impossible, rinse the tooth carefully and find a small container to keep it in. Soaking it in milk or even your saliva will help keep the tooth in good condition until you are able to see a doctor or emergency dentist Stafford. A wet, cold compress should help keep bleeding from the socket to a minimum.

Something such as an abscess could be causing severe tooth pain. If Tylenol doesn’t minimize the pain, call EZ Dental Clinic to be worked in that day. We do our best to accommodate any emergencies. If it is not during business hours, call the office line for instructions on after-hours emergencies.

The last option is to go to the emergency room. The emergency room doctor will determine whether the situation can wait until the dentist office is open again, and they can usually help with the pain until then.

For prevention of teeth trauma or injury, use mouth guards while participating in contact sports and avoid biting hard candy and ice.

Besides sports or riding bikes, car accidents, work-related accidents, or even innocent wrestling around the house can lead to an injury that requires an emergency dental visit. Simply drinking from a glass can chip a tooth, or an infection can lead to a tooth abscess and pain that EZ Dental Clinic can help you with.

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