Many intricate systems make up the human mouth. Endodontics specifically focuses on the system of the soft tissue of the gums and pulp of the teeth. Here at EZ Dental Clinic in Houston, we offer endodontic services because we care about keeping your teeth and gums in optimal condition.


Usually, you see a dentist for any traumatic injury to your tooth that may have led to a tooth being knocked out or broken. A skilled dentist can often save teeth that have been knocked out or damaged due to accidental damage. A dentist performs root canals and other surgical procedures involving the pulp of the tooth or the surrounding soft tissue.


A root canal is meant to save an injured or decaying tooth while providing pain relief from the damaged nerve. The dentist would remove the pulp and nerve of the tooth, clean out the canal that removing the tissue created, and then seal the entire tooth to prevent infection and more damage from occurring. Root canals are most commonly done before a crown is placed.

If you have had a traumatic injury to your teeth, or if you have pain in any of your teeth, call us at EZ Dental Clinic in Houston today to be seen by one of our highly qualified dentists.

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