Although our dentist tries to save as many teeth as possible, in some cases, a tooth may have too much damage or decay to be salvageable. Sometimes, you may find the price of a root canal or other major procedure is too much of an expense and would prefer our dentist in Houston to extract the tooth.

At EZ Dental Clinic, serving Houston and the surrounding region, we remove teeth with caution to reduce the risk of damage to your nearby gums and teeth. Additionally, our dentist takes the necessary precautions to make the process as easy on you as possible.

Reasons for Tooth Extractions in Houston

Our dentist performs tooth extractions for severely damaged teeth. If you have severe decay, our dentist may remove a tooth as well. In some cases, our practitioner may use tooth extraction as a method to rid your mouth of teeth you don’t have enough room for, such as a wisdom tooth.

Types of Tooth Extractions in Houston

Depending on how intact your tooth is and where it is, we will perform one of two procedures. One is a simple extraction, which consists of our dentist at EZ Dental Clinic using an instrument to loosen the tooth. Then, once the tooth is loose enough, our practitioner removes the tooth from the socket using a pair of forceps.

On the other hand, our dentist may need to perform a surgical extraction. During this procedure, our dentist must cut into the gum and extract it. Sometimes, you must have bone removed as well, or our dentist must cut the tooth into two halves.

No matter which method we use, our dentist provides you with an anesthetic to numb the pain. With a standard extraction, you receive a local analgesic applied to the area where our dentist is removing the tooth. Surgical extractions, on the other hand, is usually performed using a sedative along with a local anesthetic, although it’s possible to conduct them under a local only.

Don’t struggle with tooth pain. Book an appointment with EZ Dental Clinic, serving Houston and the general vicinity, today to see if we can save your tooth or if an extraction is right for you.

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