Smile Makeovers

Numerous TV programs focus on makeovers. Sometimes it’s a family receiving a home makeover, sometimes it’s someone receiving a new wardrobe, and occasionally there is a wedding or fitness makeover thrown in there. But what about a smile makeover?

Smile makeovers are an essential component of not only retaining an aesthetically pleasing smile but also of maintaining the overall health and wellness of the mouth. During a makeover, the staff here at EZ Dental Clinic use multiple preventative, restorative, and cosmetic procedures to craft a smile that is healthy and beautiful. The exact procedures included are based on an individual’s personal needs and desires, so no two are alike. Instead, each one uses different processes to create the same result – a healthy smile of which you are proud of.

Popular Procedures in a Makeover

Here at EZ Dental Clinic, you meet with a qualified dentist who will examine your teeth, take x-rays, and then make recommendations about the best way to craft the smile you desire. There are several procedures that are commonly recommended, including teeth whitening, bonding, the installation of implants, crowns, the creation of dentures, and the application of veneers.

Many of these procedures are straightforward and can be completed in 1-3 appointments. Whitening is the simplest and is when a special compound is applied to the teeth to brighten their color. During bonding, a resin is applied and shaped to give teeth a smooth, even appearance and to cover cracks and jagged edges. Implants and crowns are used to preserve teeth by replacing missing ones or adding a new top to a broken one. Dentures, meanwhile, are when removable teeth are created to replace ones that are missing.

Finally, veneers are a popular procedure that involves placing a thin shell over the natural teeth. This shell is glued in place and can provide teeth with a new color and shape while protecting the ones underneath. These have become popular over the last couple of decades and are a great way to improve the overall appearance of the mouth.

If any of these procedures sound like something you might be interested in, give us a call or schedule an appointment for your smile makeover today at EZ Dental Clinic.

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