Understanding What is Dental Filling and its Types?

Understanding What is Dental Filling and its Types?

Oct 01, 2021

A dental filling is a dental method to restore a small portion of the tooth that is broken or decayed. The most ideal approach to extend the lifespan of your dental filling is by following the suggestions offered by your dental specialist. In this article, we will take a look at dental fillings near you, their importance, and their types.

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How Does My Dentist Know I Want a Dental Filling?

In case you are facing tooth pain, you might need a filling. Teeth sensitivity is a strong sign of decay/fracture in teeth. When you come in for your mouth evaluation, Dr. Nakul Rathi will guide you about the proper dental treatment according to your situation.

We suggest fillings as the best solution for re-establishing strong and healthy teeth. It is ideal for those who have extreme tooth decay, breaks, chips, and cavities.

What to Expect?

The procedure for placing dental fillings in South Houston requires just one visit to the office. To start the procedure, the dentist will numb the region around the damaged tooth with a local anesthetic. Our dental expert will initially eliminate the broken or decayed area of the tooth.

And afterward, the professional will clean that area to get rid of all traces of tooth decay. Then, he or she fills the region with the dental filling material and shapes it as per your original tooth. At last, the filling is hardened for a strong restoration.

Which Dental Fillings Are Best for You?

No one type of filling is best for everyone. The type of filling to utilize differ depends on the person and how much cash you are inclined to spend to re-establish your teeth. For the most part, there are 5 types of dental fillings that you can get to obtain your ideal look:

1. Amalgam (Silver) Fillings

Amalgam is also referred to as silver fillings. They are close to as strong as gold fillings. In any case, they might require shaving down healthy components of the teeth and make the tooth look grey. Amalgam fillings are the least highly-priced and durable type of fillings that can stay for years.

2. Composite Fillings

Composite or natural-colored fillings are the most well-known type of filling because they match the color of your teeth well. They’re the most visually attractive but are less durable than amalgam. So, they can just keep going for a very long time.

3. Porcelain or Ceramic Fillings

Porcelain fillings are a costly type of fillings that shares a similar toughness to that of gold. They can also be color-matched to your current teeth. Numerous people discover porcelain fillings to be a high-quality investment, despite their higher expense.

4. Glass Ionomers

This is most commonly used for kids that have baby teeth. Ionomers are tooth-colored materials that dentists frequently use for small cavities or gaps between teeth. Some ionomers discharge small amounts of fluoride. This might help if you frequently get cavities.

5. Gold Fillings

Gold filling is the most commonly used filling but rather it is viewed as the best filling material because it is very durable and the filling can last for 15 to 20 years. In any case, it’s also costly and doesn’t coordinate with the tooth color. Gold filling may require numerous dental visits.

Benefits of Dental Fillings

Appearance isn’t the only benefit that composite gum provides over metal amalgam fillings. Not at all like metal, the resin can be safely attached to your tooth to create a high-quality seal towards oral bacteria.

Similar to metal, composite resin doesn’t change its form when exposed to excessive temperatures. In this way, it creates less risk of tooth harm and re-infection. Make sure you plan a dental visit whenever you spot on any issue with your dental fillings.

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