What Makes Children Dentistry Different from General Dentistry?

What Makes Children Dentistry Different from General Dentistry?

Nov 01, 2019

Professionals working in children’s dentistry are known as pedodontics, which is a specialty branch focusing on treating young people. Dentists working in children’s dentistry are also known as pedodontists. They are dedicated to this field because they are required to complete additional education for providing primary and comprehensive care to babies, adolescents, and children.

What Are the Requirements of a Pediatric Dentist?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry has specified that a student must finish an additional two years and in numerous cases, even three years of training to begin practicing in the field of children’s dentistry. Data available shows that approximately 7000 practitioners are working in the field of children’s dentistry in the United States.

The Differences between the General Dentistry and Children’s Dentistry

A general dentist is permitted to treat patients of all ages after graduating from an accredited institution and acquiring a license from his or her state. However, professionals in children’s dentistry are required to encounter certain complications that require additional expertise and are therefore trained by a different set of standards as specified by the Commission on Dental Accreditation for addressing the specific needs of kids and teenagers who generally require fluoride treatments as well as dental sealants.

Children’s Dentistry Practice Care

Some of the specialized tasks pedodontists are required to undertake include:

  • Oral health exams for infants
  • Distributing medications for relaxation
  • Providing specialized counseling on nutrition
  • Emergency dental care
  • Management of space after premature loss of a baby tooth
  • Using appliances or methods to discourage thumb sucking or finger sucking

The dentists in children’s dentistry in Houston are fully qualified to meet these requirements and will treat your child by using or recommending the best products for their little mouths.

Children are unlike adults and are not fully aware of proper oral hygiene. They are constantly consuming foods and beverages that are unsuitable for their mouths without realizing they could be harming themselves with such habits. When you visit children’s dentistry in South Houston for an appointment for your child, the dentist in the clinic will initially examine your child’s mouth in a kid-friendly and welcoming environment, which is considered key to an office of children’s dentistry. The dental team at the clinic would be making every effort to ensure your child is comfortable and is responding appropriately to any questions raised.

The office of the dentist for children’s dentistry in South Houston has been decorated by keeping children in mind. The walls are brightly painted with colors that are appealing and also have engaging murals. Children will be kept engaged in the office with games, kid’s magazines, and other items in the waiting area to ease the uncertainty and apprehension among children.

Dentists working in children’s dentistry in Houston are making additional efforts to keep the smiles of children bright and healthy. Their effort is to ensure the kid has a positive experience and will be happy to return every six months for their checkups and exams. Parents of children will also be happy at the facilities arranged for by the dentists.

Types of Treatments Provided by Children Dentistry

Pediatric dentists are capable of providing comprehensive oral healthcare for children, including the following:

  • Oral health exams for infants, including assessing the risk for caries in the mother as well as the child
  • Providing preventive dental care with cleaning and fluoride treatments and also advising on nutrition and diet
  • Assessing and treating the conditions of crooked teeth or rectifying an improper bite
  • Diagnosing oral conditions associated with problems like diabetes, ADHD, congenital heart defect, asthma, and hay fever
  • Managing gum diseases and conditions which may include ulcers, mucoceles, periodontal disease of children, and short frenula.

They can also provide care for dental injuries such as fractures, knocked out teeth, and other problems that children are regularly falling prey to.

Where Can You Find a Children’s Dentist?

Professionals in children dentistry are working in different locations and also have private practices. Discussing with your pediatrician would be a great idea to find a pediatric dentist near you capable of providing proper care to your child. A children’s dentist can offer an extensive range of treatment options with the expertise and training to care for your child’s mouth, teeth, and gums. These professionals specialize in children’s dentistry because they have acquired additional education and training to practice as specialists for treating children from the ages of six months to 12 years.