What Purposes Do Dental Fillings Serve?

What Purposes Do Dental Fillings Serve?

Sep 01, 2021

If you have a cavity in a tooth, it is imperative that you have it treated by your dentist as soon as possible. When treating cavities, dentists remove the decayed portion of the tooth before applying dental fillings near you to fill the hollow space where the decay existed. Tooth decay causes permanent damage necessitating the need for dental fillings to prevent the infection from spreading.

Although dental fillings were primarily designated to repair tooth decay, dentistry advances now make dental fillings in South Houston, TX, available to repair cracked and broken teeth besides teeth worn down due to misuse like nailbiting, teeth grinding, or opening packages with your teeth.

What Is the Process Involved in Filling a Decayed Tooth?

If you visit dental fillings in South Houston to repair a decayed tooth, the dentist will initially numb the area around the tooth with local anesthesia. After that, your tooth is drilled with instruments or lasers to remove the decayed portion. The tools dentists use depend on their training, comfort level, and investment in the specific equipment besides the location and extent of the decay.

After removing the decayed material, the dentist probes the area to determine whether all decay is removed. After decay removal, the dentist prepares the hollow space for a filling by cleaning the cavity to eliminate any bacteria or debris. If the tooth decay exists near the root, the dentist initially puts in a lining of glass ionomer, composite resin, or other material as protection for the nerve. Then, the dentist finishes and polishes your tooth after placing the filling.

If you desire tooth-colored fillers, dental fillings in Houston have additional steps to follow. After removing and cleaning the decay application of the tooth-colored material proceeds in layers. A unique light cures or hardens each layer as it is applied. After finishing the multilayering method, the dentist shapes the composite material to the aspired result by trimming any excess material and polishing the final restoration.

What Kind of Filling Material Can You Choose?

Currently, you have various materials to choose from to get dental fillings. You can have your teeth filled with materials like gold, porcelain, composite resin, silver amalgam, and glass ionomer. Before you decide on any particular material, please understand the location and extent of the decay, the filling material cost, your dental insurance, and your dentist’s recommendation can help determine the filling best suited for your needs.

If you choose to have tooth-colored fillings on your back molars, the dentist is likely to recommend you select silver amalgam because of its affordability and long-lasting feature. However, tooth-colored fillings are better for cavities on your front teeth because they are not as durable as silver amalgam.

If you select gold fillings, the dentist happily provides them so long as you prepare yourself to pay the additional costs of the material and visit dental fillings near you multiple times to have your tooth filled. Therefore instead of deciding yourself, the better option is to adhere to your dentist’s advice because they are professionals with adequate knowledge about dental filling materials.

What Other Purposes Do Dental Fillings Serve?

Your teeth may chip or crack over time or merely wear down because of regular use. In addition, impacts on your face may leave you with a partly broken tooth affecting your smile and appearance. You don’t need to search for tooth replacement solutions in such cases but can rely on dental fillings to help you out.

Dentists use the composite resin material suitable for filling cavities also to fix broken, chipped, or cracked teeth in a process called dental bonding, requiring merely one visit to the dentist’s office. Getting your teeth bonded with the composite resin material will restore your teeth to their original condition giving you the ability to smile without hesitation.

As is evident dental filling materials are not just for repairing teeth with permanent damage by cavities. Filling materials have evolved to serve other purposes like rebuilding teeth without decay by getting them bonded from dental fillings in Houston. Therefore if you are recommended dental fillings, you must remember the suggestion is not merely to fill cavities but may also be an option to restore your teeth and smile in a comfortable visit to the dentist requiring no downtime.

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